What great community healthcare means

Why Community Health Rounds?

We talk about “rounds” all the time in healthcare…physician rounds, nursing rounds, grand rounds. Rounds in healthcare are essential to delivering exceptional care.

Rounds are conversations — between clinicians and patients and family members, and even members of administration, to share information, inform, guide, educate and provide support on matters that lead to providing only the best care for patients.

As a CEO who is also clinically trained as a nurse, I deeply value the opportunity to “round,” and it is something that I commit to doing everyday…but not just within the walls of a clinical setting. While I do visit with patients and families, and connect with staff, I also attend community meetings of our local civic groups like the Kiwanis and the Lions clubs, I connect with community members at local wellness events, and I seek feedback on our services. These Community Health Rounds, I believe, are essential to being a leading community healthcare provider.

In this blog

I will be reflecting on my community health rounds and sharing with you many of the interesting and insightful things that I see, hear and learn that impact community healthcare. Anyone who knows me knows how passionate I am about community-based healthcare. From the time that I was a young nursing student I’ve been inspired by the collaboration among doctors, nurses and other providers and the friends and family who support patients in so many ways at home. Many studies have shown that a patient’s recovery can be improved when they have a community of support from family and friends nearby. This “village” of care is what is wonderfully unique about community healthcare. I will touch upon this topic frequently in this blog.

Meeting patients, families and staff

When I round on the units of our hospitals and meet with patients and their families, I hear a lot about all that is encompassing their care, from the nurse who went above and beyond, to the meal tray that was not so good, to the condition of their ailing family member whom they worry about more than they worry about themselves. All of this is valuable feedback for us to learn from as we continue to transform our role in the community.

And thanks to the great community programs we offer, that high level of care we provide reaches out beyond our clinical walls. I see young, struggling families getting more of the care and support they need through dedicated programs such as WIC, our Family Network and Mobile Food Market. I see elderly patients who are fearful of driving into Boston for their care when they realize they have access to great care close to home. And I see patients with chronic illnesses such as diabetes or heart issues receiving care locally and conveniently.

Great community healthcare is all of these things, and MelroseWakefield Healthcare is a regional leader in providing local care with 1700 dedicated individuals working together for our neighbors.

I’m looking forward to sharing these stories and experiences with you and hearing about what are your topics of interest or concerns as they relate to great community healthcare. You can write to me at community@melrosewakefield.org.