A bold 2020 and beyond

As I start my second year as CEO of MelroseWakefield Healthcare, I’m increasingly energized by the way our future is taking shape, both immediately and for the long term.

Our vision for the future at MelroseWakefield Healthcare is as strong and bold as ever, and we are committed to transforming community healthcare and moving healthcare to where it needs to go.  We do this by fulfilling our promise to the community to provide high-quality, lower-cost care close to home. We have a lot to celebrate in the past year and much to anticipate in the year to come.

2019 achievements

In 2019, we invested in bringing greater access to a higher level of services in the community.

At Lawrence Memorial Hospital, we achieved support from the City of Medford community for our plans to build a state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center that will bring a new level of outpatient surgery to the community. We also transitioned underutilized emergency department services into a robust urgent care service that has the most extensive hours in the region (7 a.m.–11 p.m. every day). Patients are coming from near and far, resulting in 40% growth in urgent care services.

Matthew Brown, M.D., left, and Adam Blau, M.D., right, with the da Vinci robotic surgical system. [Wicked Local Staff Photo / David Sokol]

At MelroseWakefield Hospital, we expanded our network of surgeons, elevated the level of acuity we treat in the intensive care unit, and enhanced our labor and delivery suites. We achieved 500 robotic surgeries well ahead of projections, performed our first same-day joint replacement, used the lifesaving Impella® cardiac technology, and continue to perform complex spine neurosurgery.  All of these accomplishments provide patients with a higher level of care right in their own community.   

This is the future of community healthcare, and we are redefining it.

2020 vision

With all of the accomplishments we had in 2019, our vision for 2020 is even more robust. In 2020, we are focused on growth, quality and our talented workforce.

Construction on our ambulatory surgery center at Lawrence Memorial Hospital is officially underway, and we expect to welcome our first patients by early 2021.

At MelroseWakefield Hospital we continue to grow our capacity for complex procedures, including in spine surgery, urology, and further program clinical integration with Tufts Medical Center.   

With our new labor and delivery suites, we continue to expand labor and delivery options, including offering vaginal births after cesarean (VBACs) to our patients.  Our labor and delivery teams excel at achieving individualized birth plans.  For example, offering various choices for labor pain management including nitrous oxide, epidurals and medication-free options.

We will continue to focus on our employees, including rolling out a competitive compensation program and supporting education and leadership training, ensuring that the people who live in our communities want to work at and provide excellent care at our organization.

And this spring we are launching a comprehensive marketing campaign that speaks to the excellence we provide in patient care. “Care Without Compromise” is delivering on our promise to our patients and communities that they are never choosing between clinical excellence and ease of community access when receiving care with MelroseWakefield Healthcare – we deliver both locally!

We are blazing a path to transform community healthcare that will have a positive and lasting impact.

Keep sending me feedback about this blog. I enjoy hearing your thoughts about our services and any future topics of interest or concern as they relate to great community healthcare. You can write to me at community@melrosewakefield.org.